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  1. Some of them are going off with soft cleaning without any trouble, color loss or fluids and no pain at all. I visited the tattooer this morning and he said it's probably overwork and no sign of infection, anyway I will be very careful and if I see any sign of infection I will go to the doctor ASAP.
  2. I'm fine with that, I knew it would be needed, I just want to make sure so many scabs are expected in this kind of tattoo
  3. Hello all. First, let me say I'm following my artist exact guidelines for tattoo care: Wash 2-3 times a day with natural soap and apply a very thin layer of balm tattoo 3 times a day, a bit more if the tattoo gets too dry. I had many tattoos and never had any problems or thick scabs, also they are "lighter" tattoos with not so much work on and deep filled areas. My tattoo is doing "well" if we talk about pain, swelling, redness/heat and not green/yellow fluids that indicates infection. However, I have a lot of thick scabs. This was my tattoo day one, I could see some damaged areas already: This is day 5: As I said, no pain, no fluids, only a bit of heat coming out.. But those thick scabs are driving me crazy, should I just contact my tattoo artist?