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  1. Thank to thank for the feedback.Ive been to this shop and artist a couple times in the past and this is the first time I’ve ever experienced it.I went to the doctor to have it checked it,but like I said it was getting better and not how it was in the picture.He did recommend antibiotic,keep it elevated and rest.he told me to wait a couple weeks and come back for a follow up.
  2. Thank you for the feedback.i did go a professional shop the next day and ask.and he said “Just let it scab up and fall off by itself, or if it gets any redder and starts pussing then go get it checked out and get antibiotics”update today.its actually gotten better and it’s not red or hurting.but just to be on the safe side I do have an appointment today to see my doctor and will update later on.i appreciate the feedback and reply.praying it’s nothing serious
  3. Need advice-I got this done last Sunday.its been 6 days.most of it is healing except for that one part shown in the picture.I i think it’s infected and just need to get some advice on how to treat a tattoo infection.tattoo done yet.need to finish it.but I’m really concerned for that one part of my arm.thanks in advance. -Jay