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  1. I want to make infinity tattoo or chains in my wrist. But I heard that it's can really hurt and also it's a bit dangerous. But I just want, I even found tattoo kit that'll be good. But I still have my doubts, maybe some tips from pro.
  2. Cool motorcycles, I guess this road was hard but interesting
  3. Ohhh I have "the most awesome" thing that I ever done, I'm working. 😥 Why I can't just have awesome things like you
  4. To be honest never understand love for japanese tattoo. My friend once did tattoo with japanese ieroglifs, and well it didn't go well. Translation was hilarious
  5. Thanks for don't rules, I want to make tattoo, so they are needed
  6. The one with zombie girl is just outstanding, where did you get such awesome design
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