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  1. Hand 2 days ago. Black/grey and it is still swollen and the grey wash is still reddish. Went to get a haircut tonight and they thought the tattoo was purple lol ....been icing and taking ibuprofen. The swelling has gone down though. Before the haircut i didnt move from the house for 2 days. Just been sitting around. No way i screw this up because i really dont feel like going back for touch ups
  2. When i had my elbow done my artist did as much as he could without overworking it and just told me to go back for touch ups lol.
  3. I have both arms, chest, part of one hand, my other hand completely done, half of one leg, some stomach and some fingers. I am probably one of the oldest guys in the company and work as a creative director. I also dress pretty preppy and i'm pretty clean cut.
  4. i got part of one hand tattooed and just did my whole other hand with a traditional rose. I'll post pics once it is healed. I work as a creative director for video game developer.
  5. I am very impulsive with my tattoos and i think i've come to regret one out of MANY. Now, i don't regret the tattoo design or how it was tattooed but more on where it was tattoed
  6. One of my favourite artists!! Love his work. - - - Updated - - - Holy s**t!! What a difference. What is it with italy and amazing artists?
  7. My wife cannot stand my tattoos. She likes tattoos just not on me but i am heavily tattooed. She has none and doesn't want any. Thing is, she doesnt resent me for them, loves me for who i am and won't stop me from getting them. In the past i would get chewed out but eventually she just stopped doing that and would act like there was nothing there. I personally don't feel bad about it because a) it's my body b) she knew who she was marrying. She's gained a good amount of weight since we got married 8 years ago and i never mention a thing even though at 39 i am in the best shape of my life. I
  8. LOL totally agree. I actually agree with keeping some sort of compression to keep the swelling down but on the other hand the heat that it generates could cause an infection. It's a catch 22.
  9. I had a huge cyst removed from just above my elbow. First off, the cyst i had there for the longest time and probably grossed many people out lol. Then i got it removed and it left a huge scar because not only was the incision pretty big but the area got infected when i had sutures. I already had some traditional work on that arm so i asked my artist to cover up the scar and we did your typical gypsy head and used the hair to go over the scar. You can't even tell i had a scar there.
  10. I'm lucky enough to have a home gym set up and most of my lifting is olympic lifts + deadlifting + some hypertrophy work. One artist that did my full sleeve kept me covered up for 7 days straight in loose fitting clothing and no gym for 7 days. Another just told me to wait a few days and keep the tattoo exposed as much as possible. Like someone mentioned earlier, i think it really depends where the tattoo is located. Hands/feet i would wait just because those are difficult spots to heal on their own let alone with a ton of movement.
  11. IMO celebrity tattoos are the worst. Some are god awful and of course the general public runs to imitate. I can't say i don't have any lettering but it stops at my kids' names.
  12. Does anyone from Canada know of a place in Canada that sells any of this stuff?
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