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    Tattoo Artist at Asylym Tattoo Bronx NY,I been tattooing for 5 years but have really progressed in the last 2 years,I have been a pircer & body mod profesional for 13 years & wound up tattooing friends on my down time,wich eventually led to my apprentaceship.2 years agao I got some help from Joey D of Infinite Irons & I started Machine building.I love anything that has to do with tattooing.
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    Music,Drawing,painting,tattooing,movies & reading.
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    Tattoo Artist

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  1. I could get up with all you when ever theres a get together,Lots of good bars around our way.
  2. You still got the Seth B&G shader.I would like to buy or trade for it if its still avail
  3. Whats up everyone,My name is Brad Im a tattoo artist & body piercer @ Asylum Tattoo in Bronx,NY,I been tattooing for 5 years & piercing for 13,I actually came across this site by mistake,but checked it out being it was tattoo related & it actually was a cool site so I joined.I hope to meet some cool people one here aswell as share art & tattoo ideas,aswell as learn & share some new tec.I dont really know what else to say,I dont really do the fourm thing much lol so Im prettey new to this stuff,Look foward to what this site & fourm has to offer.
  4. I like the one with the skull & red backround on your blog,good stuff,I think there cool as hell,never seen that before,Is that skull still avail.
  5. Realstic rose i just did 2 weeks agao,my 2nd atempt at all mag realsim
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