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  1. Thought I’d follow this up as I finally had this tattoo reworked by a decent artist. It healed predictably terribly. Very patchy and quite scarred. But now I’m 2 days since getting it redone and I can’t quite believe how terrible this one was at 5 days!
  2. Yep. A highly recommended shop. By a highly recommended guy who’s been tattooing for over 10 years whose work I’ve been looking at for well over 6 months before booking. My husband got a tattoo the same day by him too and his is great. Healing perfect. Its all black though. We used the same aftercare. I don’t know if it’s my skin. The ink. My aftercare. The guy going too deep on me but not my husband. Who knows. 😭
  3. Hi all - would love some input on my latest please. It’s only quite a small tattoo. On my inner forearm. Its 5 days old. By the second day the white/light green were pretty gross and leaking a lot of ink/plasma. Kept it as clean as I could and still was the same Sunday and the skin got pretty inflamed/red. Its settled down since but the green and white areas are pretty scabbed and I’m worried it’ll be ruined underneath. There’s been a tiny amount of weeping around a couple of the scabs. I’ve never had a tattoo scab before, the black part had healed great and it already itching and flaking but the white areas are a worry for me. Also some seem quite depressed into the skin. Anyone had similar? Im trying to keep it pretty dry, just a wash in the shower in the morning then some coconut oil once it’s had time to air dry (bepanthen was making it too sticky and I don’t like the hard rubbing it requires to apply it) as I really don’t want the scabs coming off early. Ultimately I know the answer is “give it time” but I’m a very impatient person.
  4. Torsie24

    Hi :)

    Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  5. Torsie24

    Hi :)

    Thanks for your reply. I got it done 5 days ago. And it’s on my inner forearm. It’s a real difficult one for me with the scabs. I am trying to moisturise only when it’s feeling dry as even just a small amount of coconut oil earlier meant i saw one of the leaves lifting and I really don’t want them coming off early. My gut is saying drier is better for them right now.....but then my gut is no tattoo expert.
  6. I’ve had it with every tattoo. Currently have it with my newest (5 days ago) But I can’t imagine not having my other ones so I know the feeling will pass and it’ll become a part of me. It’s quite a quick process for a lifelong result so I think it’s quite a normal feeling.
  7. Torsie24

    Hi :)

    Thanks for the welcome 😊 thisnis my current scab situation. Im happy with the way the black is healing/peeling. That’s the familiar kind. But the white/light green which was mixed with white. Just didn’t settle. And has scabbed. Super worried it’ll be ruined underneath. I know only time will tell but I’m an impatient person. 🙈
  8. My healing woe is this flaky crust fest. 😢 All the black parts I'm 100% happy with, drying off nicely, looking terrible today of course as we're in peak flake off territory (5 days) but can see the ink under the skin nicely so know that'll all heal perfect. But all the white (including light green) is my concern. Who knows what it'll be like under there.........just seems like me and white ink maybe aren't friends.
  9. La Roche Posay Cicaplast for early healing, and their SPF50 version for tattoos and my face in summer. For everyday/healed use Then Body Shop Hemp. The hand cream, but use it on any dry skin - it's amazing.
  10. My redness and swelling had spread pretty far by day 3. (Tattoo is only 2/3 inches but swelling more like 3 extra inches off the side) Now on day 5 and it's pretty much gone. I was worried for a while though, iced it lots and kept it elevated (wrist)
  11. A "tattoo do" that I will make a "don't" in future - moisturise right away. I did with my new tattoo (unwrapped after a couple of hours, washed and then put a small amount of bepanthen on it. Repeated the process the next morning too. It went too gross and moist and I'm worried I'm going to have a patchy tattoo because of that. Future tattoos I'm going to keep clean and wash them, but not start to moisturise until they being to dry out a bit.
  12. I think it's white that causes me problems. But I do believe certain colours must react differently for different people.
  13. Leave it. can be a private joke for you and your wife. I doubt anyone else will think it unless you say anything. Also you and your wife will be the only people who ever look at it in that much depth anyway,. 🙂
  14. I'm not heavily tattooed. And none of mine have been super bad. But over my hip bone was pretty weird. Alternated between very tickly and that unpleasant bone-shakey thing.
  15. Torsie24

    Hi :)

    Hi, I'm Torsie. A 30 something Mum from Surrey, UK. Just got my 4th tattoo, which was my first for over 10 years. A new shop has opened very close to my home, run by a local guy with a great reputation. So I sort of feel like it may be the start of a more tattooed me as my husband and I had a great experience there last week 🙂 Joining though as I'm going through a bit of scabbing which I don;t remember from my previous tattoos. So I found the site while googling that. Hopefully can get some advice here and then some future tattoo inspiration too. 😄
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