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  1. @kingpinsbarber wow! That is a very chicano style tattoo. I didn't know there were artist in the UK doing this
  2. Sorry for your loss. Very beautiful roses for your mom
  3. Thank you everyone for your responses. It was very nice to read and some of you make really wise comments. JAC1961 comment was pretty wise actually. And reading from some of you who are heavily tattoo and have similar feelings was reassuring. I am sharing a pic of the tattoo 3 days after the session. It was around a 10 hr session. As it is healing and I am getting used to my reflection it is feeling much better. Actually, I feel much better now than when I posted this. I think I will be ready to continue up to my shoulder and give it a finish feel soon hopefully.
  4. Hello all, It is nice to find a tattoo community online. I been reading around the forums before but I haven't participated yet. I got my first tattoo recently. I like how my tattoo looks. I like the design. The piece takes most of my upper arm. And I got it thinking of continuing the design up to the shoulder to shoulder-blade. Right after the experience, took like 10 hours, I was super excited and I loved it. Now, I get this feeling of not being sure of my decision. And my mood swings from liking it and being happy with it, to I am not sure should I have done things different, sho
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