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    My name is Chris Reyes. I am a tattooer out of Miami, Fl. I started tattooing in july of 2009. And i had a very short apprenticeship. Where i was taught the very basics on how to set up a machine and thats about it. I thank the person who showed me the small stuff. But being self taught was and is not easy. And its not the way i wanted to go about getting into the industry but its the way it worked out. And am happy today to be able to do what i love and continue to grow in the Art of tattooing. Thanks to all the artists who have helped me along the way and continue to help me with amazing criticism and pointers. I am a tattooer/owner at Artistic Serenity Tattoo Studio in Miami, FL...
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    Miami, Fl

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  1. the fifth portrait i have done. fear and loathing in las vegas
  2. Chris Reyes

    captain jack

    the fourth portrait i have ever done
  3. Chris Reyes

    beetle juice

    the third portrait i have ever done
  4. beatles theme, yellow submarine, strawberry fields.
  5. courage the cowardly dog
  6. Really nice work. Very smooth shading. I bet it healed nicely.
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