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  1. Hey Yall, If anyone is going to the tattoo expo in NYC this weekend, I'll be there tomorrow! No tattoos but just going for fun and checking stuff out. Let me know if you're going and want to meet up at all!
  2. Hey! Wouldn't by chance be going to the empire state ny tattoo expo would ya? In any case, i did a 3 day marathon and boy was it tough. i did the ole soap and a balm that my artist provided. With that being said, you should 100% ask your artist(s) as they know how they tattoo and how their tattoos heal for the most part. They should tell you what to do but i've heard many great things about saniderm. Best of luck!
  3. It's no wonder you are labeled as "Champion" under your name..
  4. My next one is scheduled.... but it's too far away ☹️
  5. cyoonit123


    I agree with everyone. I'm sorry you had people making you feel bad. I just don't see how you could add to it without making it more complicated. It's a hedgehog and will always be a hedgehog. Don't be too harsh on yourself and just rock it!
  6. cyoonit123


    Couldn't agree more with both of you guys. My first tattoo was extremely meaningful but full black and in the middle of my forearm to cover scars. I still love it but it's in an awkward place and so I won't be able to complete a sleeve unless I get a tattoo around/lasered off. I would say really take your time and make sure your artist is actually good and don't look for "cheap" artists.
  7. cyoonit123


    I tried googling hedgehog tattoos in japanese style and there wasnt any helpful pictures so i have no basis at what that is "supposed" to look like. With that being said, i'm curious to see what the drawing itself looked like. The second picture angle makes it look perfectly fine. If it's way too far off from the drawing and you're that unhappy with it, I would go talk to the artist about it. But if it's in your artist's style and looks similar to the concept drawing, sorry to say there's nothing that you really can do other than to look into lasering/coverups way down the line. I would let it heal completely first and see where to go from there? You might be judging your own tattoo a bit too much, but I only say this because i'm not sure what the concept was supposed to look like. Keep your head up and good luck!
  8. Just gotta find the shops that accept credit cards 😎 that's the spirit. time to look into some cheap flash that i'll regret in a few years. Jokes aside, the urge is killing me. Tons of people around me have dope tattoos and I just want more and more haha.
  9. How's everyone doing?? I got my last tattoo not even a month ago and I just have the urge to get another one done. How do you guys stop the urge??
  10. Welcome! Is it an egyptian half sleeve? If so, you could always get Anubis or Horus incorporated in there somehow. If not, then completely ignore me. Looks awesome tho!
  11. @soraya You are a much more creative/profound writer than I. My gf's a phlebotomist and she told me the reason people are more afraid of blood draws/shots compared to tattoos is because of the difference in the needles and amount of penetration. Shots/blood draws have to go deep beyond the layers of the skin while tattoos (hopefully lol) are only going through a few layers of the skin. No idea if this is actually backed by any science but I love her so i'm going to go with it for now 😉 But I agree with people here. It's a therapeutic painful experience. 3 hours is my tipping point where the adrenaline is gone and it becomes miserable.
  12. if you look close enough, you can see all my moles were avoided in my tattoo. it's just a safe thing to do imo
  13. Wow i know exactly who this is and surprised it's healing like that. lemme know if you need help reaching out to him at all
  14. Hope you're having a blast 😞 I'm on the opposite side as well. send pics!