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  1. Welcome! We don't judge here, regardless of your tattoos. You have a lot of different people here in different locations with preferences in different styles. Feel free to ask around for artist recommendations. There are a lot of great and trustworthy artists out there so don't lose hope!
  2. Thats tough. Hope you're doing alright yourself! Love the simplicity of the tattoo. Welcome to the site!
  3. If you have a particular artist in mind, I would probably look through all of their work and/or start talking to them about your idea/concept. In addition, you could probably play around with photoshop or any cheap photo editing app and put together stuff and try to come up with something you like? My advice here may not match what you like and i'm pretty bad at putting concepts together. My favorite artists are: Nicklas Westin, Artemy Neumoin, Jess Yen, and Filip Leu. They've got some nasty work if you haven't already checked them out.
  4. I got trash polka, lettering, realism, and looking forward to getting oriental next. I like em all and idc what anyone tells me.. except my bank when they tell me I don't have enough money for all these tattoos 😉
  5. Definitely agree with you both! I don't know why but I just have this huge sense of urgency and want that immediate gratification from getting the full sleeve done. With all this being said, we'll see how long i'm able to last lol. Longest i've sat was 5 hours and the 5th hour was hell. Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. Hey Everyone, I'm still learning the search function and couldn't find exactly what I wanted (granted I didn't look through all the pages 😅) . What's everyone's opinion on marathon tattoos? I'm getting a sleeve done with 3 consecutive days back to back. This is due to the artist that I wanted only doing a guest spot for 5 days and I want the full sleeve done. Feel free to criticize or speak openly! Just wanted some thoughts. Thanks!
  7. He seems to be a trad/neo-trad/oriental tattoo artist. Is that the style that you're wanting it in? Typically artists want to continue tattooing in their own style so it's most likely not going to turn out exactly how you wanted it as @oboogie stated. The first tattoo always gives the most anxiety because it's the first step into the tattoo world (imo). If you're still that unsure, you could do the ole "change your phone background into the tattoo or a picture of your body with the tattoo using an app and look at it everyday to see if you want to commit to that." jus my 2 cents
  8. I absolutely loved my tattoo when I got it but I'm a little insecure fool so it took a lot of stranger's compliments and reassurance from my friends for me to fully love it and accept it. As for your tattoo, it looks great! Really hoping you start loving your tattoo, cause from my eyes, you definitely have a reason to.
  9. Congrats! I liked his koi/dragon creature on his page 😂. Don't forget to send pics!
  10. 1) flash is top 3 superheroes in my book 2) No disrespect intended but I refuse to go to bang bang due to their price. They are definitely talented though
  11. I'm originally from Ohio so I know your pain John haha. Definitely will be getting that leg sleeve done.... as soon as I can recover from the blow to my bank account after my sleeve next month 😂
  12. @scottyg Thanks for the recommendation! Absolutely love his work. Definitely want someone like him to do a back piece or leg sleeve at some point in the future.
  13. Hello everyone! New to the forums and looking forward to conversing with you all. I have a mix of different tattoo styles on my body but had a specific question about neo-traditional/japanese. I have been into realism since the beginning and I now have a better "trained eye" so to speak. I know what to look for and know small little red flags now. However, I know nothing about traditional/neo-trad/oriental tattoos and i'm not sure what makes a tattoo artist "great" in this style. I looked through the forums and didn't find an answer so I'm hoping someone can help educate me on what to look out for. I'm also in NYC so if anyone has any recommendations of artists around this area, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  14. Yep! i'm weird and am gonna keep one side of my body completely black and grey and the other side with color lol
  15. I'm new here so i'm not sure who most people know but Augis Art! Gonna be getting a sleeve by him but I haven't met anyone who's heard of him. Wonderful talent.