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  1. Is it just me or do we have a lot of defensive newbies lately?? i feel like called it "tats" before. oops 💔
  2. Hey everyone! Hope everyone is holding up alright and getting inked up safely! Just was wondering what products people are using nowadays or if nothing's changed, then oops. I loved using dial gold soap but it is sold out everywhere and so I bought tattoo goo soap to use because I couldn't lock down a fragrance free soap around me. Thankfully I still had my aquaphor and cetaphil moisturizer so I didn't have to look for those but what are people using nowadays?
  3. Agreed with scotty. Currently NYC is doing a decent job at keeping the cases down. It's more the airport/airplane that is the cause of concern as airlines aren't doing a great job at enforcing masks/people aren't covering up. Looking forward to the finished products though!
  4. As SStu said, you can't change it much other than to get some real dark to cover it. It's going to change color more and more anyways so I don't think you should do it especially at such an early point of getting tattoo. I'd wait til it settles more and is fully healed before you become to dislike it. but it doesn't look bad in my eyes! just my 2 cents
  5. I actually really dig this but please let it heal properly and see how it ends up. Are there quality issues? yes. As previously stated, I also would recommend a different tattoo artist. With that being said, I promise once you get more and more tattoos around and make a sleeve, you won't notice the issues that you are bringing up now (or atleast you won't notice it as much). Just gotta own it and move on
  6. If it's 2 different body parts, you should be fine but it really depends on which body parts and your tolerance to everything. On the outer parts of my arm, I was a-okay. once he went even near the armpit, I had to tap out early. Especially if your artist is heavy handed, it's going to be a lot of work. Also keep in mind that traveling abroad can also be exhausting, which can factor into your tolerance to pain during your actual appointment. Regardless, best of luck!
  7. I did 3 days in a row 6-8 hours each day all on my arm. It healed fine and i'm very happy with the result but jesus christ do I never recommend that for anyone lol. I was so drained by the third day that I didn't feel like speaking and just wanted the tattoo to be done.
  8. Really thoughtful. thanks for the tip!
  9. What do you tip them? I haven't gotten a touch up yet but I never thought to tip them.
  10. Been a while everyone! Hope everyone's doing well. Here's some more progress on my sleeve!
  11. Hey Yall, If anyone is going to the tattoo expo in NYC this weekend, I'll be there tomorrow! No tattoos but just going for fun and checking stuff out. Let me know if you're going and want to meet up at all!
  12. Hey! Wouldn't by chance be going to the empire state ny tattoo expo would ya? In any case, i did a 3 day marathon and boy was it tough. i did the ole soap and a balm that my artist provided. With that being said, you should 100% ask your artist(s) as they know how they tattoo and how their tattoos heal for the most part. They should tell you what to do but i've heard many great things about saniderm. Best of luck!
  13. It's no wonder you are labeled as "Champion" under your name..
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