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  1. It's been like that the whole time since it finished healing. I've been told it could be scar tissue from the artist being too heavy handed or pulling the lines too slow. Could that be why?
  2. Was wondering if this is tattoo scarring and if there are any ways to help flatten the skin. The healed part is still a bit raised as seen on the pic.
  3. Wondering if there is anyway to settle down the lines since they are still slightly raised even after a year. I suspect it could be scar tissue, but it only appears to be raised on my outer bicep. My chest and forearm and inner bicep healed fine and are now flat. Not sure if anything can be done, but feels kinda cool I guess. Do you guys notice the raised lines, if not then GREAT😄? Also wanted your guys opinion on my entire piece. All critique welcomed😅(Forearm still new in this picture and not yet completely done).
  4. Is it normal for my tattoo to still be raised after a year and a half? I got a full sleeve from one artist over two sessions. My outer upper arm is still slightly raised, but my inner upper arm and entire forearm is no longer raised at all. Do different parts just heal differently and would the raised part of my sleeve be scar tissue? Would there be anyway to reduce or remove it?
  5. How long would you guys say is excessive?😬 Hope 5 mins isn’t too long. My campus isn’t really that big but this August heat is hot af.
  6. I know excessive sun exposure to a new tattoo is bad, but I am starting class tomorrow and we have an open campus so I'll be walking around in direct sunlight with some shade from trees. It's hot af where I live; around 90s, so would wearing shorts with a new leg sleeve tattoo be a bad idea. I tried denim, but my tattoo didn't react well with it and wearing sweatpants in August seems like a bad idea, because I wouldn't want to excessively sweat were my new tattoo is. I just got my tattoo on friday. Would a little bit of sun exposure be okay, just walking from class to class, since it wouldn't
  7. I used the personal roll, guess just gotta cut it to the shape of my leg. Also so wanted to ask what would be good to wear to keep tattoo out of sun while healing. Would sweatpants be a good option?
  8. Any suggestion of how to put in on a leg sleeve, wrapped all the way around from below the knee to above the ankle
  9. Thanks for replying:) I thought pulling it off of a fresh tattoo would ruin the ink somehow. Tried to put it on my leg sleeve, but the shape of the leg is kinda awkward
  10. I tried to put saniderm on my new leg sleeve, but the size I cut was wrong and I peeled it off. Would this have ruined my ink; pull out ink? Parts of it were already attached to the tattoo, but since the siZe was wrong, I peeled it off right after trying to apply it. I am actually really worried would it affect the healing
  11. Thanks for the response guys! Also will I most likely be limping a lot the next day or nah? and what type of material should I wear and not wear if I do wear pants (cotton, etc...)
  12. I'm getting my leg (above the ankle to below the knee) tattooed in a couple weeks, and I would have to travel about 2 hours from home to get to the shop. I was just wondering if I would be able to drive after getting the tattoo. Its going to be on my right leg and artist said it would take about 8 hours if we did one session but 4-5 hours if we did two back to back sessions. I've done a 10 hour session straight and felt fine after, just a little tired as a reference. And would I be able to go back to work (desk job) the day after? Thanks! This is what it would look like. Polynesian tatto
  13. Do you guys think it would look alright if I got different styles of Polynesian tattoos from different artists or would it mess with the flow? Or should I stick to one style and one artist for this specific type of tattoo? https://www.instagram.com/sef_kavafornia/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/samoan_mike/ https://www.instagram.com/BONG_TATAU/ https://www.instagram.com/mistercleantat2/ (My tattoo)
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