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  1. Yeah, i posted a more clear picture of that piece. It was already touched up once by the original artist loll
  2. Thanks for the reply. It was also 2000 per piece So in total I dropped about 8k (expensive I know) I could have just went to one artist. But you’re right, I just didn’t plan properly and rushed because these artist had last minute cancellations so I kind of did impulsive choices for my tats. I have two more sessions coming up which are gonna be expensive which is why I thought laser could be an option and just go with a cheaper artist in Europe or something To do the whole thing. I’ll just stick with it for now. I thinks it’s because I have so many faces on the arm and need to balance it out with the rest of the empty space.
  3. Hi everyone. Hoping I can get some feedback on my current situation. im in the process of getting my full sleeve done. The Problem is that it is not turning out the way I wanted and I pretty much rushed into each individual piece (stupid I know). I’m now debating if I should get rid of most of the pieces and go for one artist who can just do the whole thing again (see below on the price). The problem was i rushed into my first piece which im not too fond of (attached the puzzle and girl picture) which led to me rushing the other pieces which aren't as bad but not what i expected (i was going for eric marcinizyn style). These are all fresh pieces and the artist didn't do a bad job. I just don’t like how big they are and I wanted more background stuff (I was going for a similar sleeve to Eric Marcinizyn style). None of this was the artists fault they did a great job. I just rushed into this without really planning. Another reason I am debating is because each piece I did ended up being about 2000 dollars and I don’t think it was worth it. I could just get lasered and pay a bit over 3000 dollars to have the whole thing done with someone out in Europe and something more in the style I like because I have about two more sessions which will be about 2000 each again with my current artist (tip included) m. Any feedback would be really appreciated :(. I’m just mad that I payed so much money and it’s not coming out as I expected. I pretty much only love my inner bicep piece. The biggest one and first tat on my shoulder I had over a year is the one I don’t like the most. Only myself to blame. I still have some space left so any suggestions would be great. I think i am like this because i need to fill out the space so i can stop staring at the Masks lol. Im not too big on this style of caligraphy either but it could just be me nit picking?