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  1. hes a good artist all of them has been done perfectly and the tattoo wasnt always like that they just popped up in the last 5 months
  2. when i was down 2 months ago he mentioned if that is psoriasis it could ruin tattoos but its seems to be spots that turns into cuts i have it on my face just and it goes away if you keep it creamed but theses dont go away they go away when i stop picking at them and pop up somewhere else on tattoo
  3. i already had a chat with him abit quickly
  4. so i got this tattoo about 7 months ago its the only tattoo i have like this and they are all done by the same person for one the tattoo is permently raised and i get theses spots that pop up on them and go into cuts ive put cream sometimes on the spot/cuts to see if it would heal them abit and make them go away some of them does go away and then it starts in a different area of the tattoo any advice its the only tattoo thats like this i have 5 tattoos done 4 is solid black
  5. you cant see them unless your look at least in black tattoos
  6. depends on artist i got my clock that you can see in my thread for 200/$255 but all artists will be different prices
  7. think il pass on going for 2 weeks
  8. yeh ive never worked out after any of my tattoos before so wasnt wanting to cause any damage to it
  9. i dont wanna damage the tattoo its quite big
  10. so i got a fresh tattoo and my friend wants to go to krav maga on monday here the tattoo was done yesturday should i just miss this week and go next week or week after or do yous think it be fine to do some punches and stuff with its on outter upper arm
  11. so theres going be 3 going round the bottom of arm i just got some pretty basic ones i like basic tattoos
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