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  1. Tezza

    Small blowouts

    Dude! I took them close so it was easy for others to see. I got on here to see peoples thoughts on blowouts and experienced artists. Not be insulted for looking too cosely. I spotted it checking out.my new ink. Seems pretty f***ing normal to me!
  2. Tezza

    Small blowouts

    I was asked to show pics. Chill out. Ive just got excellent eye sight!
  3. Tezza

    Small blowouts

    Here you go. I have to stress that i love my tatt and these small imperfections dont really bother me. I just thought top artists would know how to avoid them. It seems that they are sometimes unavoidable.
  4. Tezza

    Small blowouts

    Hi Guys, Newbie to the forum here. I've just started a 3/4 sleeve by a very reputable artist and after 2 weeks healing I've noticed some small blowouts (bluring) especially at my elbow crease. Is this pretty normal for a experienced and solid artists? I have a lower half leg sleeve and it has some blowout around the shin where the bone is. So I'm not shocked but I guess i expected none ( i understand it may happen at elbow as it moves and stretches so much) from this quailty artist. Love your thoughts. Cheers Tezza