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  1. Thanks everyone, it was completely fine, all the redness and swelling was gone then all of a sudden it started with these small pimple like things that itched horribly, above, below, and inside the tattoo. Hopefully like you all said it’s just part of the normal healing process. Thanks for the replies and easing my mind!
  2. Hey all! 9 days ago today I got my first tattoo. 2 days ago I noticed a rash developing now all around my whole tattoo is covered in this itchy red rash! It’s no fun! I’m really nervous as this is my first tattoo. I’ve followed after care to a T, I was using Eucerin lotion then switched to Lubriderm thinking it could be that, to no avail! Today I put hydrocortisone cream on it and it didn’t seem to phase it. Any advise? Surely I’m not allergic to the ink? Should I go get it checked out? Also, I don’t notice the bumps on the actual lines of the tattoo, just surrounding it. I’ll attach a couple images below.