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  1. Did you manage to get a recent pic of that scar cover up mate ?
  2. Still looks good. Have you got a recent pic of it once everything has died down and faded off ? Whatever design my artist comes up with will all be blacks and whites to keep in theme with rest of Tatts so just hope it covers just as good. 🤞🏻
  3. Thanks. They have done a good job. Looks like he blackened it out first then went over with colour. Covered well tho. My worry is because it’s in hair although gonna keep it shaved down at back as u see slight hair follicles around scar but none in scar you might notice a different appearance to tattoo.
  4. Thanks for reply. Looks good. Have you noticed any difference where the ink is over scar as in ink bleeding out or not taking as well or having like a shiny appearance ? Can’t see anything from pics just wondering in person. Also do you mind saying who artist is just for me to look into. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for reply. Artist had said he has covered loads of scars. My problem is the fact that it’s in hair. It’s the outcome of how it will look if hair grows a even a little bit around scar area and obviously no hair will be growing in scar area. Will you be able to notice a difference in tattoo where scar runs through it. Don’t know if that makes sense. ? Artist has said he would do geometrics and detailed design but one of those things you just don’t know till you do it then might be too late. That’s why trying to gain as much advice as possible so don’t make a mistake !
  6. By the way. Back of head and sides going to be shaved down to zero gaurd and kept that way with options of tattoos as below.....
  7. Posted about this in another post guys with not much response. Just wondering if anyone has any other thoughts on if this could work as booked in for June and been assured by artist he can cover it. Would appreciate a few more tattooists point of view aswell if possible. ?
  8. So u think it got a chance of working maybe. Was hoping there were a couple of artists on here that could give bit of advice ?
  9. This is my worry with going over scar .This is a tattoo I have on my arm that goes over a slight scar (booster injection) and you can see the difference and where ink has blurred out and has a shinny finish to it. Didn’t want this to be happening all along the back of head. ?
  10. These were only rough ideas for design for artist to work on. Hopefully he will design it in a way that pattern covers all of scar. Plus if scar is 15 yrs old wouldn’t it hold ink more stable ?
  11. From South Wales. It’s just the unknown of how it’s going to look because scar tissue I think is unpredictable and not seen anything online where someone has had it done which is making me more doubtful about it. Just don’t want to end up worse than am now. Thanks for reply.
  12. Just hope it covers the scar and don’t see anything different in that area.
  13. Would be something like these
  14. Looking at getting a tattoo to cover up this scar. Be a back of head/ neck piece. Any advice appreciated on this. Worried that ink might take differently into scar ??
  15. This is what I’ll be trying to cover with a design and head shaved down to 0 guard. Do u think possible ?