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  1. Sorry mates but I’m not he’s tattoo artist or I’m not that other person you are talking about
  2. Scar will be visible in the gaps plus the ink will be swollen in the scar I would not recommend mandala or any patterns on the scar
  3. All these won’t cover the scar
  4. I don’t get that part , usually you talk with the artist and they change otherwise it means you agreed , I always moan until I won’t get what I want
  5. If you weren’t happy about it ?
  6. You agreed for the design ? Why didn’t you say to change anything ?!
  7. Did they not had the mirror ?
  8. Tbh at the first place you haven’t seen what you were doing ?
  9. Because he sounds like a dick to me I’m working for customer service I’m just a menager with tattoos but I need to work with people every day that do problem with no reason and if you work for people you would understand
  10. I’m sorry I’m not his artist , but I hate people like him
  11. That is correct that you can not go over on the fresh tattoo and do something else . The tattoo has to be healed first then you can work on it . Every tattoo artist will agree with that . If you had just 2 sessions and you are going to get another one to put everything toghether you shouldn’t slag off the artist because that is very unfair . The tattoo looks amazing so far and it is not finished yet I would suggest not to worry to much especially if you need to stilll catty on and they should by finished off as one piece . One thing I know as tattooed person and artist lover that is very rude
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