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    Well Howdy

    Welcome. Fyg I've so far found 2 great shops in Louisiana, one it New Orleans and another in Lake Charles.
  2. God didn't write the bible, either. Politically motivated zealots have had their hand in it for centuries.
  3. SStu

    Beer Thread

    Houston beer Fest June 8th (this Saturday)! I'll be there. Houston Beer Fest - June 9th 2012 - Welcome
  4. This guy could be Abe Vigoda's brother.
  5. a lot of talk that might draw you into a "flesh tunnel" . . .
  6. Welcome, fellow Texan.
  7. looks like an apostrophe. Call it your tribute to Frank Zappa.
  8. need a relative size comparisson on this one . . .
  9. I keep coming back to see this one . . .
  10. Sorry I joined this forum some time after this thread was dormant. The BEST shop in New Orleans is Eye Candy. All 3 artists do fabulous work. Erica is leaving for NYC in August but her replacement (Jeremy) is also very good. ((( EYECANDY TATTOO ))) NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA / Randy Muller Tattoos New Orleans Louisiana / Eye Candy Tattoo / Tattoos by Donn Davis Don /New Orleans Best Tattoos / tatu / tatoo / tatto / tattoo shops / shop / designs / Tattoos by Jeremy MF Justice
  11. SStu

    Beer Thread

    Yep. Snobby about tattoos and beer - and good food, too. The flavor of a craft beer is comparable to a real artist pulling off am excellent custom tattoo.
  12. All skulls don't have to be evil looking. Maybe that's what she's scared of? I brought ink into our marriage, so no complaints from my wife about new ink - even now that the new ones are starting to become more visible in public. I think she (and her family) would not be so inclined to be understanding if it was shitty artwork I was displaying . . .
  13. Great use of an oddly spaced open spot on your arm! Nice.
  14. Video - Breaking News Videos from
  15. Welcome! Did you happen to get to work or visit with Nate Beavers before he went back to Houston?
  16. My main set-up: Custom (home assembled) telecaster hollowbody with PRS pickups direct into a Fender Blues Deluxe. Nice and clean.
  17. I, for one, will be interested to see the result!
  18. Loosely, "neo-traditional" is a modern interpretation of the classic variety. Usually any particular artist's own style affecting how a traditional image is layed out.