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  1. easily covered. Get used to the idea that it's going to be significantly larger - and send us a link to the intended artist.
  2. The size is way too small for the design
  3. Yeah, a halo, beams or a simple background circle would satisfy that need
  4. You can overlap the derm to find a firm anchoring spot, but if you're having the whole arm outlined at once you'll probably have to be open to being less than 100% at the elbow/hinge. Not sure what you're saying regarding "pack all the tattoo" . . .
  5. Yep. The only way to even that all up would be to cover it with something fairly dark. It could end up awesome, but finding the right artist would be key.
  6. match them to what? Are you trying to pair up appropriate Japanese themes, ie: which flowers/plants go with Koi?
  7. Your instructions on unwrapping it when you got home are different than any instructions I've ever received. Normally I leave it covered overnight before unwrapping and cleaning it. Plasma and ink discharge the 1st night or two is quite normal. Redness, soreness and some heat are normal for any skin abrasion, including results from tattooing - but if it's hot and truly painful then infection is a possibility. What you're describing above sounds pretty normal. Your tattooist should be open to taking a look at it, too.
  8. Nothing I've practiced with any professional success. I've seen a couple of 2 angle pictures joined via photoshop that worked pretty well, but . . .
  9. Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen. If you've been on antibiotics for 3-4 days and it's not clearing up then I'm probably not going to be able to provide any insight - but my next question was how long ago was the tattoo applied?
  10. You are on antibiotics because a Doctor diagnosed an infection?
  11. looks like nice work to me! I wouldn't worry about the raised lines unless they become red/sore. This question comes up occasionally but there doesn't seem to be any practical advice or solution (or need to worry).
  12. looks normal to me. won't hurt to follow Dan's advice. probably wont hurt to follow plan A.
  13. Yeah, I'd say they did a great job with that cover. And the white ink will fade over time. All of my white now looks skin tone - but everyone holds it a bit different.
  14. Right, and I've never heard of a blowout happening during the healing process. Covering it up from the sun during the healing process certainly won't hurt. 2-3 weeks in you should be able to safely apply and rely on sunscreen. Showering in chlorinated water won't hurt anything. Just don't soak or submerge for any period of time for a few weeks.
  15. It's not healed yet. Ankles take a long time, so you don't really know what you've got, yet.
  16. SStu

    Hi to all tattoo fans

    The compliments always ring more true from another collector or a real artist - and both of those will be much less likely to be looking for "meaning".
  17. SStu

    Hi to all tattoo fans

    welcome! We can inject a fair amount of experience and strategy.
  18. not necessary, but if you want to try the lines could be fattened up. The whole thing could be a bit bigger.
  19. Indeed some ink occasionally falling out in the healing process isn't uncommon and touch-ups are easy and normal. I've never heard anyone say that it would take anywhere close to a whole year waiting time to accomplish that, tho . . .
  20. SStu

    Hello from Aust.

    Huh. Hard to imagine there is 20 years of experience behind that. Were you asking him/her to do a style (watercolor?) that wasn't in their portfolio? Just 7 weeks old? You're gonna have to wait a while before proceeding. Post up a link to your intended new artist (once determined) and we might be able to assist in the vetting process . . .
  21. My preference is for larger pieces, but I certainly see the validity of a large collection of small ones, too. Two things smaller tattoos have over large ones that it's easier to plan for obtaining and paying for them.
  22. Maybe a few dots with city names near their position? If that ocean shading gets too close to the boat I think it's going to get hard to distinguish what's going on. Meantime I like it.