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  1. That corona is too close to the palm to ever hold ink for a long period and/or have it wear like normal skin.
  2. Pretty normal for a 5 day old tattoo. That and hand skin both heals and wears ink differently than most skin.
  3. Lots of us have unrelated and different style tattoos on the same limb. They'll look less disjointed once you get more and fill in the larger blanks and then use filler tattoos on the real small or thin spots. Just keep getting more!
  4. SStu

    Ditch Healing

    As opposed to what?
  5. Do you have any previous scarring and/or tattoos to gauge if you've personally got historically similar reactions to skin trauma?
  6. That's all normal except for the "year ago" part. Usually the shininess goes away after a month or two.
  7. Stephano at Frith Street in London does old school american traditional
  8. In a few months they shouldn't be quite as vibrant.
  9. Right. And hands are tough to draw/execute - so make sure in advance that your artist has some previous examples to show off.
  10. Alcohol. Not the type you apply - the type you ingest.
  11. SStu

    Saying Hello

    welcome - and it shouldn't make any difference at all.
  12. The ditch area is naturally tough to get healed without minor problems. Too much moisture is not going to solve the problem, in fact it could cause more. I let mine dry and crack. The eventual need for touch-ups are common.
  13. Yep. Probably just regular peeling. These products don't eliminate scabbing and peeling, just minimize it.
  14. With a high saturation level. Are you looking to completely remove, or just lighten enough to cover?
  15. Yep. You can work towards what you want potentially for an extra year - or you can wait and see if someone else might want to offer that edge . . . however that may take more than a year, too.
  16. Yup. The final absorbsion takes many months. I think my spacing between sessions was about 4-6 weeks.
  17. Nice details and it looks good the way it is. Would very much like to see it again in a couple of months.
  18. Yep. You're not going to correct that problem in just a year. You won't even complete the necessary lasering in just a year. Each session will take several weeks to heal and you're looking at multiple sessions to get that light enough to work with.
  19. I've been seeing more of it that last couple of years. There are 2-3 artists whose work has been impressive but I don't think the practice has been around long enough for the long term results to be known, yet. Nathan Mould has been working with this quite a bit = Does the tattooist you're working with have any practical experience (with photos) to show you/us?
  20. looks like a shakey "g", but it's gonna take 4-6 weeks before you really know what you've got. come back to us then.
  21. looks like you're tattooist got the liner inking done a bit more saturated than his/her shader.
  22. whoever told you that looks like a penis is pulling your chain. and you're letting them.