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    Hello from Aust.

    Huh. Hard to imagine there is 20 years of experience behind that. Were you asking him/her to do a style (watercolor?) that wasn't in their portfolio? Just 7 weeks old? You're gonna have to wait a while before proceeding. Post up a link to your intended new artist (once determined) and we might be able to assist in the vetting process . . .
  2. My preference is for larger pieces, but I certainly see the validity of a large collection of small ones, too. Two things smaller tattoos have over large ones that it's easier to plan for obtaining and paying for them.
  3. Maybe a few dots with city names near their position? If that ocean shading gets too close to the boat I think it's going to get hard to distinguish what's going on. Meantime I like it.
  4. Not for me, thanks - but who am I to judge . . . . ?|8
  5. Yeah. I'd take it off, clean it good with anti-bacterial soap and let it dry for 30 minutes or so. Then re-apply new derm. You only really need to worry about infection if you get some foreign material in/on the wound area. Many, many tens of thousands (or more?) of tattoos over the ages healed just fine in the same area prior to derm even being invented.
  6. probably just a reaction to the bandage glue
  7. SStu

    Tattoo Infection

    10 days to fully heal the infection 3 months to completely heal the tattoo, especially that low on your leg.
  8. SStu

    Ink Recall HELP

    I have never considered ink brands, but I started getting tattoos in the '70s and had established a level of "trust" or comfort by the time the internet might open up the possibility of digging that deep. How about a picture of your tattoo?
  9. @Oiocha That is REALLY starting to shape up!
  10. You don't mention how long ago the tattoo was actually done, but a fair percentage of people have skin reactions to the derm sticky - and that does go back to normal with time. Personally, I would not have put moisturizer (or anything else) on the tattoo and then covered that with derm.
  11. Lol, @metalmancpa - I'll be Gunnar loved that fresh idea . . . !
  12. Well, @Dan - French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest are both coming up pretty soon!
  13. Yep - see what he/she has to say . . . but just like with all scars - not all heal flat on everyone all the time.
  14. Very glad to help! She's moving to New Orleans (next month, I think). Looking forward to having some additional creative talent around here.
  15. Oh, Damn. That's a shame. Rest in Peace, Richard - and may you find some, Jennifer.
  16. Empty branches, twigs and thorns. Example:
  17. That doesn't really look infected to me, and if those are post antibiotic pictures then I'd be optimistic it'll be fine.
  18. SStu

    New tattoo

    I would not recommend trying to use another artist's design. There's about a 90% chance that a quality artist won't want to do it, and a tattooist who would wouldn't be up to the task. Meantime with respect to traditional in your immediate area here is a very short list:
  19. SStu

    New tattoo

    Sure. What style?
  20. that and that the original purpose of this forum was to celebrate tattoos, the process of getting them and to educate the public on how to get the best possible experience and result.
  21. Huh. Nope - that's a head scratcher, for me. That's on the inside of your arm, right? Maybe it's rubbing on your rolled up shirt sleeve, or something?
  22. SStu

    Greetings from italy

    Welcome, @Zer0!
  23. What about realism at Or realism or traditional at Or realism, ornamental or floral at Or realism or dotwork at