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  1. Sorry - new school isn't a style that I personally pursue, especially from the other side of the U.S. In Houston it would be Nate Beavers, and he's a good communicator. Send him an e-mail and ask his opinion about L.A. 

  2. If I had to try and categorize those I'd say they are both versions of no outline neo-realism. Having said that, the description would probably only mean something to someone who actually does that style. 

    If you are new to tattoos I might suggest spending some time searching for old threads here that cover the topic of no outline tattoos. There is a lot of "for" and "against" on the matter, but it would be good for you to be educated about the possibilities. 

  3. Even if it's an allergic reaction to red ink (which we can't confirm) we can't tell you if the reaction is temporary or permanent. Different ink composition very well might affect the outcome, too . . . 

  4. I did a quick search and found only a no-info website page and almost no input facebook page. The Owner's name isn't even prominent or possibly even listed, so I can't really react to historical reference artwork or ability. Not comforting here from the outside. 

    The example you posted could be understandable to the closely initiated, but it's too small to provide any real detail. Hopefully you're going much bigger if you're intending to add a tree or two to the mix. 

    The results, feel and comfort gained (or not) from your consultation is going to be paramount. 


  5. Twin Peaks is a surrealistic visual adventure so having a tattoo that follows that theme is understood by me. That being said any surrealistic tattoo is going to get odd looks = and that's OK, as long as you don't mind answering the questions that will arise. 

    That being said, you're going to need a very high quality artist to pull off the artwork needed to make sure your surrealistic image is readable (even to the initiated). Abstract floor patterns and especially curtains are going to have to not just look random or sloppy. 

    Who is your artist?

  6. Welcome! 

    In these times (and I don't mean Covid related times) it's pretty common to have to wait and patiently pursue the artist of your dreams - assuming you're stuck on just one artist. I actually waited almost 2 years to get to sit down in front of a particularly busy guy. Throwing down extra cash might work with some and piss off others. Working with personalities is always a gamble . . . 

    What style of tattoo are you desiring? $1000 will buy you traveling options . . . 

  7. @Dani2304 You acknowledge that it's too early to tell what it's eventually going to look like and in the meantime you persist in micro-analyzing what you worry might be potential imperfections in an art form with plenty of room for perceived "imperfections". Honestly, I wouldn't recommend proceeding with getting any further and/or larger pieces done anytime in the near future . . .