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  1. Huh. Hard to imagine there is 20 years of experience behind that. Were you asking him/her to do a style (watercolor?) that wasn't in their portfolio?

    Just 7 weeks old? You're gonna have to wait a while before proceeding. Post up a link to your intended new artist (once determined) and we might be able to assist in the vetting process . . . 

  2. Yeah. I'd take it off, clean it good with anti-bacterial soap and let it dry for 30 minutes or so. Then re-apply new derm. 

    You only really need to worry about infection if you get some foreign material in/on the wound area. Many, many tens of thousands (or more?) of tattoos over the ages healed just fine in the same area prior to derm even being invented. 

  3. I have never considered ink brands, but I started getting tattoos in the '70s and had established a level of "trust" or comfort by the time the internet might open up the possibility of digging that deep. 

    How about a picture of your tattoo?


  4. I would not recommend trying to use another artist's design. There's about a 90% chance that a quality artist won't want to do it, and a tattooist who would wouldn't be up to the task. Meantime with respect to traditional in your immediate area here is a very short list: