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  1. My recommendation:

    Consider making the tattoo at least half again as big. That will open up the possibility of some detail work that will make the end result WAY more interesting. 

    Don't ask anyone to reproduce that drawing. It can act as "loose reference material" but you want one of these artists to produce an original work. 

    Visit artists 1,2&4 and talk with them a bit. In the course of conversation express to them your vision to get "an astronaut riding a jet propelled earth" and see how interested they are, what their projected schedule might be and anticipated cost. 

    Review the vibe you get along with the other input and make a decision from there. 

  2. All four of those appear to be real good. 1,2+4 are more neo-traditional in their styling while 3 leans toward the american traditional side. 

    What kind of imagery are you interesting in getting, and how big a piece?

  3. 22 hours ago, shampoobottle said:

    Do you think it could still be dainty even if the cover is dark?

    "Dainty" usually involves thin lines. There might be an artist out there who incorporates both dainty and thick into the same images, but that's not what I usually look for - so I'm not familiar with any. 

  4. That cage is pretty dark with fat lines and the examples you're posting are pretty dainty. Any cover is going to have to be quite dark to hide the old work, and trying to incorporate that cage with dainty next to it doesn't sound appealing, at least to me . . . 

  5. The "meaning" of a tattoo doesn't need to be literally linked to the visual objects depicted in it, unless it's very important to you that strangers have the opportunity to try and understand your vision. 

    Any tattoo that reminds you and your girls of those memories will fulfill the purpose of displaying that artwork. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about trying to find the right '1 large, 2 small' objects as much as coming up with any camping scene (or any scene that reflects the vibe) that reminds you of those encounters.  

  6. If that artist is close enough to visit the shop then get a rapport going and visit occasionally. You'll end up running into past work there. Lots of artists also post client's pictures via social media that have some age on them.