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  1. Hello all, I actually made this account solely because I wanted to hear some more opinions. I had a water color tattoo done a week ago. It's been healing beautifully, scabbing/flaking like normal, but I noticed that one of the splashes is a completely different shade of pink from when it was fresh. Yes, I understand that tattoos will never look exactly like they did on the first day, I know I should expect some slight fading during the healing process... but this particular spot went form a beautifully shaded dark pinkish/almost maroon... and now it looks like pepto bismol. I've been excruciatingly careful with it so far, I've used the exact products the artist recommended and got it done right after classes ended (still in college) so I've been able to lounge around most of the day with the bare skin exposed, no tight clothing rubbing it. Is it likely/possible that the color will return to normal? I haven't picked at or really even touched the scabs except for when I'm washing/moisturizing.