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  1. That is absolutely amazing Jimbob, I can't see there being any issues with coverage, it's a well done piece.
  2. I definitely understand the exhausting thing, when I go to bed after I've been tattooed I'm out like a light, the shorter the time the less sleep I get but after my recent chest piece that took 5.5 hours I crashed for over 16 hours.
  3. Good luck Jimbob, what design did you settle on? I'm really looking forward to seeing the result.
  4. Nice one, you'll have to upload your pics when they're done.
  5. Sorry it took a while to upload Jimbo, I've been extremely busy over the last few weeks. There's been some additional work done this year. I'll be honest I was expecting more colour loss with it being on the knee itself but it survived well.
  6. Sorry I haven't mate, a family emergency has got me upside down and back to front, as soon as my head is no longer a shed I'll get one posted.
  7. I'll get one of my mates to take a picture hopefully tomorrow.
  8. I also have both knees and elbows done and I felt the pain went from rainbows and unicorns(I actually giggled getting my left knee and right elbow done) to holyshitmotherfuckerthathurt (I called my tattoo artist a sadistic *** getting my right knee and left elbow done)
  9. I'm not going to lie, I've made some terrible mistakes when I was first tattooed, my problem was I started stupidly young I got my first one when I was 14 and spent the following 2 1/2 years getting shit I liked instead of thinking things through, thankfully because they're that old they've been easy to cover. A couple of examples of my vanishing mistakes. The shoulder design is currently being extended on to my chest with a Koi Carp which is covering another two abominations.
  10. The black was actually done after a lot of the colour, we were going to go a different colour scheme, a really dark purple instead of the black but I didn't like it.
  11. There's no difference where the scar tissue is, no shiny appearance and no ink bleeding out. I'm UK based and my artist is Eddie Hardiman from County Durham
  12. I've had two artists working on me at the same time, it was a bizarre sensation to say the least.
  13. The two most painful areas I have experienced was the Achilles tendon and the collar bone, I was expecting my kneecaps to hurt but I giggled all the way through.
  14. 3 artists have worked at the studio I visit and I have work off all three artists.
  15. If you have a good tattoo artist he/she should be able to cover that scar very easily, here's the scar I had covered:
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