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  1. That’s great advice thank you . I think the artist done a great job considering he was also doing a huge cover that covered most of my arm . Iv stopped scrutinizing the tattoo now . Iv had long sleeves on for 3 years while being lasered so it’s going to be new to be able to wear a short sleeves again.
  2. Thanks ya hopefully it will pass soon cause I want an American traditional sleeve on the other arm but I’m just cautious now cause of my reaction to this but I’m sure I’ll get over this phase pretty soon .
  3. Thank you . Some very helpful responses and much appreciated. Iv been obsessing and convinced myself the blue chrysanthemum should have been smaller and different placement, sometimes I think it looks good and other times not so . It’s my first big color tattoo and maybe I’m just getting used to it . Have you ever experienced this after getting a tattoo and learn to be happy with it .
  4. Thanks you and you are totally right . I think I was just being really picky because of the previous tattoo and and just need to relax and stop scrutinizing the tattoo .
  5. Hi thank you for Your response .
  6. Hi rather than a sleeve that’s just a dark blob , can you please explain what you mean here .
  7. Thank you and I appreciate the reply and I understand where your coming from about waiting until it’s healed . The blue flower is just about a month and the dragon and back round is yesterday. It’s a huge cover up and the previous tattoo drove me crazy and I was in negative mind set for such a long time about the tattoo so that’s why I’m a little freaked now and overreacting . I appreciate your advice and I’ll chill until it’s completely healed. Hopefully my mind set will have changed . I suppose overall I was looking for people’s opinions on the tattoo quality.
  8. Thank you for your reply . I appreciate it and your right. I think I will leave it . Maybe it’s just about getting used to having my whole arm covered in color as well .
  9. Thanks for the reply . I’ll see how I feel after it is healed .
  10. Thanks for the reply . Do you think it looks too big and ties into the rest of the tattoo .ill add another picture
  11. Hi everyone . Yesterday I almost completed a dragon japanese style tattoo . The dragon is red and black with some yellow which I’m happy with. On the foreman is a blue Japanese flower which I can’t remember the name but anyway it’s blue and yellow and I don’t think the color fits in and also feel it’s too big . Is it possible for the blue to be changed by adding another color to bring it to a warmer color like purple . Any advice is appreciated.
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