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  1. Unified by subject, isn't this kind of hard when it's an owl? I can't fill my whole arm with owls man.. And wouldn't it seem a little weird if I filled my arm with triangles as well? Yeah I guess that's true.
  2. I've already got one tattoo on my arm, but I want to make it a full sleeve tattoo. (With multiple tattoos) Here is the tattoo; https://imgur.com/a/ea52KKr Now is there like a rule that you need the same theme for your arm, or how does it work? What even is the theme of this tattoo? Any input will help. There's no bad ideas, post pictures as well if you have it. Thanks
  3. Hehe everyone freaks out during the healing process on their first tattoo.
  4. A buddy of mine sat 11 hours once, he F***ing hated it. What scares me is that the artist must lose focus..
  5. Just some skin irritation, it'll go away
  6. Damn, love the gecko
  7. Woah, that's really unlucky
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    Hi, I'm William.
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