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    WillyBoy123 reacted to gtrjunior in Need ideas for sleeve tattoo   
    It doesn’t have to be animals or birds or geometry at all.
    If Owls represent wisdom, think of other things that can represent other aspect of life that you want to represent.
    Strength, resilience, cunning etc.
    You could use animals to represent these things or any other images that you feel represent things in your life that you want to keep in the forefront of how you live your life.
    Get creative and research images that can represent things that are important to you.
    The geometric shapes could serve as an excellent way to tie all of the separate images together.
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    Damn, love the gecko
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    A buddy of mine sat 11 hours once, he F***ing hated it. 
    What scares me is that the artist must lose focus..
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