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  1. Ohh that makes sense thank you will the lines heal how they were when it was first done?
  2. Thank you! I hope so, I’m hoping the uneven colour will settle
  3. Think I’m in the wrong forum section but couldn’t get onto tattoo advice :( hope someone can offer some help anyways. Got my first tattoo just over a week ago now on my ribcage in line. I’m not sure if it’s healing okay as some of the lines are darker and appear to look more raised than others? Is this going to even out in the next few weeks? It didn’t look like this when I first got it, except one of the antenna was slightly darker n thicker but I just presumed more ink had been pressed in and that it would become the same as the other one? I’ve been washing it 2-3 times a day and using tattoo moisturiser I bought at the studio and haven’t been wearing any tight clothing. The first two images are from when I first got it on the day and the last two is 8 days on If anyone can offer any advice it would be v much appreciated. Am I going to have to get a touch up? I don’t want to annoy my artist by being really knit picky and asking