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  1. You're right - I don't like the advice. That said, I apologize if I disrespected that advice. That wasn't my intention. What people are suggesting is a lot stricter than I expected and combined with what I want, which is a very specific and esoteric design, it's just an incredible challenge. But I do appreciate what everyone has said. Though I will disagree on the idea that my criteria is weirdly specific. I want a tattoo that is script in a specific language, so having the design be by someone who is fluent in the language and can make sure the text is actually legible, let alone aesthetically pleasing, hardly seems weird.
  2. That's really cool to offer and I really appreciate it, but that's all right. It would, at its core, be the word azazel as a vertical ambigram (I have a lot of philosophical and moral beliefs centered around blame, understanding, and scapegoating), which is why I want somebody who's particularly talented in linguistic graphic design and who is fluent in the language (it would be easier to make something that simply "looked" right, but might not do the language justice). And that in turn is the problem that lead me here, which is that I want to find the right artist and/or tattoo artist.
  3. I'd be happy to go straight to an artist, but that's a lot of ifs. Finding an artist who can do what I'm looking for in the language who works in a style I'd be happy with is a challenge I'm genuinely ignorant of how to get past. That's part of the reason I'm interested in the website, as the designs are specifically made to be tattoos and not just standard design. As for something like going to Israel, I just don't have anywhere near the money to do something like that (I'm in Seattle).
  4. Hey, so I've never gotten a tattoo before, and the culture and process is entirely new to me. I want to get a somewhat intricate tattoo in Hebrew, and unfortunately finding artists is difficult. Even if I can find a graphic artist fluent in the language, they're generally not comfortable with designing a tattoo for various reasons. The best source I can find is https://www.hebrew-tattoos.com/ , but while I can find photos of their work online I can't actually find reviews. If I'm going to be dropping some real money on getting a design, I'd be a lot more comfortable knowing if they're good. So I guess I have two basic questions: Is there some specific way to look up their work that I'm just missing? Can I trust their reputation? And conversely, Can anybody recommend tattoo designers who know Hebrew? Any help would be appreciated - thanks.