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  1. Gray17

    Faded Red Ink

    Hi Hogrider.. Thank you. But everyday, looks like colors are fading including the black and red color.. looks bad. How many times the peeling process? I,ve notice large scabbing then now there is a small skin peeling.
  2. Hi Guys. Red ink can be easily faded after scabbed?
  3. Gray17

    Faded Red Ink

    Hi snyderju89, thank u for ur reply.. I already added picture of it. Hoping to improve its color soom esp the red rose.
  4. Gray17

    Faded Red Ink

    hi Guys. need ur help / advise on this. I got my 1st tattoo last April, pick the wrong artist.. the result is not good. So we decided to cover up after a month with a new artist,, last May I had my cover up it come a bigger piece to cover up the old tat. The result was amazing, newly / fresh inked is very bright in color.. however, after 1 week following the aftercare instructions.. peel started and continue to scab, the red color, the rose started to fade.. the color under the scab is light and looks like faded, it has no red ink already. Is this normal? Or part of healing process?, eventually the color with enchance soon? Ur response is highly appreciated...