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  1. Thank you all for your replies! For a little bit of an explanation for my tattoos the knife piercing the skull with the hannya mask, it doesnt matter where is your position in the world ceo,policeman,constructer,lawyer,farmer etc.. we are all flesh and bone beneath the mask we are wearing walking to the same end awaiting us. The dragon represents wisdom,strenght and wealth and the courage not to fear walking alone. Downside of my country there are not too many if any tattoo artists specializing in japanese culture tattoos. I decided to fill the spot with koi fish combined with a crysanthemum ill post a pic bellow with the direction im going.
  2. Hello im a relatively new member and i couldnt select other themes for the post so.. So what i wanted to ask is if you guys have any tips for what should i put between my unfinished dragon tattoo and my hanya mask above the elbow any tips,recomendations etc.. Thank you for your time (pics below)