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  1. It looks a little darker in person it’s because I had the flash on
  2. Here is the tattoo I found on the Internet Got similar of this tattoo
  3. I’ve been cleaning my tattoo properly the first 3 days using Aquaphor healing Ointment Then the fourth day switched over to Aveeno fragrance free lotion And when I take a shower I gently get water on it On my last tattoo before this one I didn’t use antibacterial soap and it came out really nice use the same steps I was saying
  4. Here is one of my tattoo Artist work
  5. My other two tattoos are fine that he done he does amazing work
  6. Got my new tattoo a week 3 days I put aquaphor ointment The fourth day it started peeling and On the fourth and the same day switchover from using the ointment to Aveeno fragrance free lotion at the end of the night on the fourth night when went to go take a shower my tattoo gently pat it down after shower I noticed a scab came off and started looking cloudy
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