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  1. CSan

    Am I botched?

    Thanks. I’m sure being where I can see it all the time and obsess over imperfections is not the best thing 😅 I can live with difficult to read. As long as it doesn’t look like my 3 year old scribbled on my wrist with permanent ink*, I think I can deal with it!
  2. CSan

    Am I botched?

    Omg thank you, you just made my night. I’m trying hard to get out of my own head but it’s hard sometimes lol
  3. CSan

    Am I botched?

    Thank you 🙈
  4. CSan

    Am I botched?

    Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t meaning to insinuate it was on the tattoo artist, I was just trying to give a run down of the events. But thanks again, I appreciate it
  5. CSan

    Am I botched?

    I got my second tattoo last week. First one on my arm ever and definitely way more visible than the first one I got. I didn’t realize how much the skin on the arm moved so unless my hand and wrist are in one specific position, the letters look a little stretched or crooked. I just need straight up honest feedback. Does it look fine? Does it look botched? Honestly I wanted it smaller and on the inside of my wrist but the artist suggested larger and up higher and I agreed bc you know, they are the professional. I’m trying to figure out if I need to have it worked on some more, leave it alone or removed altogether. I’m kinda freaking out but I’m really hoping it’s just because I’m not used to seeing it on me. It has a circle design and some script font that says “Still I rise”.