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  1. suhanalp


    Actually it won't be really circular.
  2. suhanalp


    Indeed! You are totally right. I'm just asking for ideas to my friends who have tattoos but at the end I myself will choose the tattoo 'cos I'm the one who will live with that tattoo 🙂
  3. suhanalp


    Thank you all for your comments. It is really long process to decide what to have tattooed. I've choosen The Vegvisir symbol for both style and meaning. My friends told me to place it to back of my leg but I am not sure about it. At the other hand I want some minimal and meaningful tattoo on my left arm. I will let you know if I decide anything else.
  4. suhanalp


    Hi! My name is Suhan and I'm new here. I was looking for tattoo ideas on Google and I came across this forum. I'm plannig to have my very first tatto so that I'm so excited but the only problem is that I am a person who cannot make an easy decision. (I wont get bored.) I want it to be so special for me. I'm interested in ancient gods, nordic/viking cultures, universe, extraterrestrial visitors/gods etc. My first idea is to have a tree of life and a nordic sentence from its roots to down vertically on my spine between my scapulas. Thank you so much