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    Be who you want to be, everyone has an opinion. I don't have to like you, you don't have to like me, the world will go on regardless.
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    Tattoos, Chihuahuas, travel
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    Tattoo Collector

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  1. Have another kid, specifically a boy, call him Jake... Add a J and an E... Done! ☺
  2. 1. Someone makes a comment to me about how dumb tattoos are while staring at my tattoos 2. I tell them they are memorial tattoos for all the family I have lost 3. Person looks horrified, tries to think of something to say 4. I drop the mic and walk away
  3. @AtomicMagpyeAtomicMagpye I was reading about this recently too and found it fascinating.
  4. My eyes are watering. For a price that high my standards would be through the roof. @bongsauYou're right about those bloody Toyota's, mine is 12 years old, not one problem 😂 😝
  5. I would pass. I normally give up the weight training for two weeks post new tattoo....If you spend a lot of money and time on a new tattoo then what is two weeks anyway? Better to make sure you give it the best chance to heal well.
  6. I have very sensitive skin, prone to eczema and psoriasis and tend to itch like crazy for up to 12 months after getting a new tattoo. So I kind of hate you all right now 😝
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is yet another situation where bigger is better 😝
  8. You yourself demonstrate a lack of education. Monks choose Sak Yant for individuals that do not understand the Thai language (commonly westerners) and it is not the common course of action. Also unless you abide by the Sak Yant rules of conduct the symbol has little meaning as it is considered to be of sacred magical significance. The individuality of each piece also makes it difficult for another to infer its meaning, educated or otherwise, as the monks have their own traditions and pass their knowledge down through the generations.
  9. Well sometimes ink falls out and the hand is one of those areas that will require upkeep. But it is faded and flaking because it is healing. That is part of the process so try not to stress too much. Some areas are harder to heal than others. Let it be for now, don't over think it.
  10. Not exactly sure what you are asking but mate I would ease up on the ointment!
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