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  1. Does anybody have any recommendations for cover ups I have this tattoo on my ankle that I don’t want anymore. I really like the idea of a set of tattoo bands. Maybe with a geometric pattern or floral. But I’m up for anything. This is what I have now
  2. I got it done on the 23 of June so almost two weeks ago Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello hello, Im Dee, 21 years old. Just found this awesome group. I have a few little tattoo but I just got my first big piece this year. I love the artwork but unfortunately I had some problems with the healing process and it isn’t perfect so I’m worried about showing it off. The full story is I got it done in Ireland. Listened to the artist instructions step by step. I didn’t have a good reaction with second skin so I read the website directions and pulled it off a day later after it was starting to stink and I got soap in it. So I let it heal naturally but I put after care on it. And in some spots my ink didn’t make it. I was wondering if anyone knows any parlors (in Cali/La area) that are ok doing touch ups.. Here’s a then and now photo for reference. But to be fair the then photo was in the shop right after my artist was done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk