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    just a tattoo nerd; i'm slowly collecting...i don't have a lot to say/contribute so i just "like" stuff. ha
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    Strip Mall, CA

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  1. Ha! I LOL'd. I'm sure you can find someone who can make hummingbirds & butterflies look cool; I say go for it! :D Anyways if I'm right, the brightest and most colorful hummingbird is actually a male.
  2. I'm on The Avengers bandwagon! LOL. It was surprisingly good. If you liked the Iron Man movies, you'll enjoy The Avengers.
  3. hello jomester! i like the forum a lot too, even though i haven't said much. i personally think tattooers & their clients have better taste in a lot things than most regular folk – food, art, music, movies, humor, etc.
  4. slave


    He was so young. Rest In Power MCA
  5. i think i may have just found my favorite thread...good shit huero!! i like your photography too.
  6. i really dig the purple highlights...i would want this tattoo for myself!
  7. not the best photo, sorry.
  8. back tattoo by Lil Tokyo Jiro (no filter this time)
  9. From the movie Boulevard Nights; always cracks me up!
  10. slave

    hi from cinci.

    hello riot! :cool: i'm feelin' this forum A LOT.
  11. i can't describe how i feel about this awesome tattoo...i kinda want it for myself! so magical, i freakin' love it! :D
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