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  1. Thanks mate. This gave me some confort. As a smoker I will give this even more attention, I'm going to use some moisturizer before work, drink more water and buy some antioxidants. Sounds kinda panzy but, if I look more ugly than know I'll probably brake up the space time and generate a black hole on me and destroy the whole solar system.. Kind regards.
  2. Well, the question now is... Does the heat age the skin? The environment is probably around 28-32ºC all day.
  3. Thanks for the reply. No, no burn at all, the work is very safe. I use gloves to work around the oven. Full healed. But I pretend to get some new inks in the future.
  4. Hello, nice to meet you all, I'm from Brazil, so sorry for my shitty english. I already have both arms and hands tattooed, all black and fresh, no fade at all. But now I'm working as a baker, 10hours a day with 3 of these big ***** ovens: And they're hot, the whole place is hot, hotter than Jessica Simpson was back in the day. So my question is, can the daily heat ruin the tattoos? fade overtime? age even more? The place is hell, literally, my boss is Satan. But the prince of hell pays very well, so I wasn't having any concern until that thought came into my mind. In the future I was even hopping to open my own bakery and continue to work as a baker all day, so as you can see this is a long time run. But I don't want to look like a wet newspaper from 1920s. So please, give your honest thought. Obrigado.