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  1. Second session done one more to go ! Im not sure this tattoo is of particular quality compared to the other ones around here but hey : p i ll try to share how the healing goes with daily update for the people wondering about tattoo healing
  2. His work is awsome but theres no way im waiting months to get an answer : P
  3. You need to be more specific about that ache but i dont really see how it can be related to the tattoo
  4. So i wanted to do the opposite forearm only but the artist made a sketch of a full arm which i liked a lot so we ended up doing it Thats 9 hours of work
  5. Thanks ! Unfortunately i really blew the tattoo up with working out again and its gonna need some touch up to straighten the lines again but hey cant do anything about it
  6. Medical advices are by nature always in the "extreme" side of things Components can differ between each inks I would always stick to a given medical advice regardless of how extreme it may sound There are indeed some cases where it goes to shit, altough those reports are always to be taken with a grain of salt unless you have been trained to read a scientific paper AND have some basic dermatology knowledge https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5142484/#!po=5.55556 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4799043/ Take care
  7. We re done ! Getting the left forearm done tomorow !
  8. Thanks for answering, hopefully you ll get the desired results from this
  9. Picture attached of the back work done today
  10. also i showed this to the artist and he said he probably went too hard with the needle, if that can be of any help for anyone : P
  11. daaamn, had a 2,5 hours session scheduled today and the artist actually stopped after 1,5 hours and gave me my money back, called it a day he had back pain i'm so disapointed to be honest : P next session is in 4 days, 2 days back to back, getting the forearm done hopefully
  12. tsuk


    I ve not been here for long but it seems this feeling is very common and i would go as far as considering it as part of the overall healing process Most likely time will have you deal with that feeling before you know it
  13. Thanks a lot for sharing your exerience, it s a LOT harder to remove than I imagined
  14. Alright so this is the part that went red, its now a pretty good loss of color but thats about it getting this baby finished this week got 3 sessions planned, cant waiti ll let you know !
  15. thanks hope you ll like it here i ll get the tattoo done (still need the opposite forearm done) then ill probably ask someone with more experience to do the next one, i m very pleased with his work but i think it could be better
  16. so its improving slowly, didnt see a doctor afterall , ill get pics in a few days no idea what happened though life is a mistery
  17. tsuk


    sorry but i dont even see what you re talking about if i cant see it most people wont see it either so theres nothing to worry about i m sure you ll get over it i wouldnt take Advil at all after getting a tattoo, there is zero reason for it
  18. tsuk

    Muscle gain

    or even more importantly the anabolic steroids 🥳 to the op, your forearm wont grow that much dont worry
  19. not healing well at all some more ink has fallen and it is red underneath no itching whatsoever probably taking an appoitement to a dermatologist