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  1. well.. i also said it cause of this topic, the guy didnt even said he was going to ink his initials .. so? yeah that's why i said most, also ive seen a lot of videos on youtube of tattoo artists and thats what they say that they get annoying by clients that are so picky..
  2. most tattoo artists don't care of the clients they're so self absorbed they think they're like "Gods" and do whatever they want to .. that's what i have experienced with 2 .. i love tattoos but for the bad experienced i had i'm not planning on getting anymore ...
  3. it's ok, it's a tiny faded line , i barely see it
  4. Thanks alot! .. i just wanted to share new photos .. 🙂
  5. posting photos of my tattoo healed ... what do you think? do you think it's placed in a bad position? that's what i think 😕 i don't like how it look on the first photo
  6. i was curious to see your tat but i can't see it..i see the link but it says "image nor found" something like that .. cheers!
  7. my older sister it's a really critic person .. and she haven't seen it cause we dont see each other that often .. and i hate that i care so much of what she's going to think about it .. we are planning a trip to the beach in 5 months .. and yeah! imagine my anxiety..
  8. not yet..but is something that i think one day will happen when i show it .. cause i haven't show it to almost anyone .. since i got it i haven't wear shirts that makes it visible..cause i still don't have that confidence .. i have only show it to 2 o 3 friends by photos not in person..
  9. Just wondering how to react in that situation...
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