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  1. Hi all, Tried to find an answer in here but couldn’t find it. I have the bottom 1/2 of my 3/4 sleeve that was done Sunday. Artist put sani on immediately after. I replace after a thorough anti bacterial wash last night. Well I’m in Florida and it’s hot as heck out. I have the whole arm protected by a UV sleeve and naturally the sweat caused some of the edges to roll, but the new work is still sealed. My issue is, the inside crease of my elbow has come up from the sweat and isn’t sticking. If it’s still sealed around it, is it fine? Or should I remove? I only have a small bit of sani left, not enough to recover the whole piece. I’ll also be in FL until Thursday so will continue to keep it covered with either a UV sleeve or long sleeves. Any input is much appreciated! Thanks!