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    I'm 20, live in Nebraska. I've loved body modifications since I was 12. I have 2 tattoos and 9 piercings, plan to get more of both in the future. I ABSOLUTELY love reptiles and animals.
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    Cars, Arts & Crafts, Gaming, Netflix Binger
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    Electronic Sales
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  1. What'd you get!? And yea, wether it may have been an allergy or over worked, hopefully this next run, runs smoothly. Needs a hell of a touch up. Then we get to plan my next one 😌😌😌😆😆😆
  2. Good news! Tattoo is fine and is finally starting to heal. Thinking the tattoo may have been over worked, or my skin wasn't liking the ink. Both scabs on the side are almost fully healed, the center and biggest scab has shrunk down majorly.
  3. I wouldn't let them do a tattoo, just because teenagers go through a lot of different phases, what they likes a year ago, might be totally different. However I wouldn't mind letting them get a cartilage or nose piercing if they truely desired. After begging my mom, for nearly 3 years, on my 16th birthday she let me do my nose and my tragus and I have since had them.
  4. Would you let your child, of course being old enough to willingly decide, get a tattoo/piercing before the age of 18?
  5. Haleigh


    I possibly wouldn't mind a small one, almost like a bracelet. But I'd be the type to get bummed if I ran out of skin room 😅😅😅
  6. Haleigh


    This post is just for fun. I would like to complete my initiation and hang around so I'm posting whatever comes to mind. What are your thoughts on eyeball tattoos and blackout tattoos? I personally wouldn't get my eyes tattooed, they come with extremely high risks and are extremely dangerous. But I have seen them compliment some badass tattoos. Black out tattoos on the other hand, I know of them but I have never seen a finished project. My boyfriend's artist is in the process of doing his whole arm, I'm extremely eager to see what he does with it. I think the idea of them is pretty sweet, howe
  7. To each their own. What one may like, another may not. If you love it, that is all that matters.
  8. Thanks for the help, I'll keep you updated. Fingers crossed I'm just over thinking it. I was supposed to get a touch up and some more shading done on Aug 3 but from the looks of it may have to push it back a couple weeks.
  9. Who knows, either way infected or not I will be going to see the doctor in Wednesday to be sure. Just wanted insight to see if maybe I'm over thinking it.
  10. I guess everyone truly does have different opinions on how to heal tattoos, haha. I tried to let the scabs dry heal and cover the rest but when I did that, a few days later the scab reopened and started oozing again. In which then my artists suggested putting the ointment back on it. And it is on my calf so with walking a stretching it get irritated when dry.
  11. I keep it very clean, and nothing touches or rubs on it. I've tried not putting ointment on but then it becomes very dry and burns. My skin has cracked due to dryness and I don't want that to happen on my tattoo.
  12. Hi, I'm not really a blogger but I desperately need some advice and have had no luck with browsing for answers. I got my tattoo July 7th. This is my second, biggest and first time getting a colored tattoo. I also have very sensitive and decently dry skin, I am also on clobetasol (topical steroid) for a disease I have. I don't believe this could be attributing to my issue, but then again I'm very unsure. I wash my tattoo morning and night with antibacterial soap, let it air dry for a minimum of 20 minutes then apply ointment, blotting the extra off and sparingly through the rest of the day. No
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