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  1. tattooexp


    thnx you all. you're right.
  2. tattooexp


    ok thanks appreciate ALL the advice. I asked around professionals, they resulted just pores. i'll go with that. I can't go to a doctor, there is no pain no itch. it is more a tattoo thing, but thanks appreciate.
  3. tattooexp


    Why do you say that? I don't have the time nor money to see a doctor. I just need some serious thoughts/advice. It isn't in pain nor itching. There has to be someone who knows what this could possibly be.
  4. tattooexp


    Not follicles I don't think..because i have several other tattooos and it is only in specific spots. I also think I would know if they were follicles. these marks are smooth as ever and look embedded in the skin/ink. they are not leaving....any advice??
  5. tattooexp


    Artist said I need more moisturizer as in not enough. And will these go away. Because it has been more than a month
  6. tattooexp


    HOw is my tatto healing. Please tell me what are the spots. these spots are flat do not itch or hurt. The tattoo is over 4 weeks healed and is not raised, but these spots were not there! Please send some advice as to what I might have done or what they are....i have the original pic as well when it was fresh. The spots have not gone away. Will the go away. I highly doubt that they are any thing related to hair follicles because they are only on my colored tattoos that were freshly done. I have another pic where these dots/spots appeared on healed tattoos that were not there before as well. (areas where i am sure it is not follicles). All in all these spots were never there when the tattoo was first done. it is something i did or that was done. Maybe Irish spring soap to clean? Help.
  7. thanks for your input NO I Used scented soap at the initial period when it was fresh....any more advice I appreciate your advice.
  8. I recently got this tattoo and need help asap. What did I do wrong. Is this normal. The shiny pic is before when it was first done and the other pics are how it is healing. It has been four weeks and I do not know what is going on. I have several other tattoos and I will say I follow strict aftercare procedures but I sometimes use scented soaps like irish spring..I feel so stupid. other than that I do not know what is going on or what to do. Is it a color thing? Is it infected? allergic reaction? or is it healing? Please Please let me know.....what are the brown dark spots. the tattoo does not hurt, or itch btw...