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  1. I honestly dont care about how good or bad it is. I like it thats all that matteres. I was only asking about the scabbing which appeared abnormally thick
  2. So i talked with a tattoo artist because there was a few bits of pus. He said with solid colour and over moisterizing can cause some pus to leak. It the pus gets worst over the next week then i should be worried other wise it will heal fine
  3. Ok, thats good because my other two did not scab as much as this part did. And here is the main part i just got done on thursday
  4. Here is the part in question... In pictures it looks like fluid is leaking but thats because of the flash the scabs are extremely this and crack so i am not sure if i should be concerened
  5. jugularsmile602


    Hey everyone. I am new to this forum and i am excited to chat with everyone. As of today i have 3 tattoos however i am slightly concerned with my most recent one. I got one section filled in and the scabbing is quite extreme im hoping it will be fine but i am still slightly worried. Anyways ill post a picture in a bit to get some advice in a bit.