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  1. Hi all, My tattoo has finished peeling, and is at the stage where it looks a bit cloudy and pretty faded. It has been about 2 weeks 3 days since I got tattooed, and was wondering if at this point I would still avoid it having contact with sunlight? I plan on contacting my tattoo artist, but also wanted to hear from the forums as well.
  2. So I recently got a tattoo on my inner right forearm, and I am a pretty big PC gamer, playing many hours a day. I tend to drag my arm over my mouse pad for mouse movements, and am worried about how it will affect my tattoo? Should I worry? I am thinking of buying an arm sleeve later on when my tattoo fully heals to prevent the direct contact between the tattoo and mousepad. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
  3. wasd123

    Muscle gain

    Hello, So I got a single line quote tattooed on my inner forearm. I'm a pretty scrawny individual, and the font size of the quote is a bit bigger than I wanted. I plan on working out to get muscle. Will getting larger forearms have any effect on the quote tattoo, such as making the font size seem a little bit smaller, etc.?