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    Thank you for all of your responses— I really appreciate it. I’ve included a photo to try to highlight what I’m referring to— it’s just some gray blurriness immediately outside the line work. It’s not a huge deal and will maybe disappear and settle in after it’s completely healed in a few weeks.
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    Thanks Dan! You’re right— nothing I can do if it’s blowout and I need to stop examining it under a microscope. Just wondering if it’s something I might have done to cause it by thinning my blood. I take fish oil religiously, drank a triple espresso immediately after getting tattooed and popped Advil for a few days to try to calm down the redness and swelling. Not usually this paranoid about a new tat— but this one was different. Thanks again for the response.
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    I received this tattoo just about 3 weeks ago. I have several, but for some reason this one was really red, angry and inflamed from the beginning and during the initial healing process. My artist said it did not bother her, and that my skin seemed super sensitive and would calm down in a few days. She was right and in about a week it was much less red. However, heavily shaded parts of the tattoo did scab up pretty badly, which I’ve never experienced before. And there was a yellow haze to my skin around the tattoo for another week— probably bruising. That’s all gone, but now I’m noticing what looks like blowout around the two front letters— they seem very fuzzy/blurry at parts. It’s more of a light gray fuzz, and not so much the bluish color of a typical blowout. What does everyone think— is this blowout or part of the typical healing process that will disappear and settle into my skin in another few weeks? This was done by a very reputable tattoo artist with black and gray wash (which she mixed herself), however it was done on the first day of a convention and she was running late, a bit flustered and did not have the best tattoo chairs (we were sitting in uncomfortable hard plastic chairs from the convention center). Maybe she couldn’t hit the best angles with the gun, resulting in some blowout. Thanks in advance, Scott