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  1. Lol, I can promise you, I’m too much of a hypochondriac to not go to a legit tattoo studio, which is why I trusted so many people’s recommendations. I also don’t believe in shaming an artist for one unfortunate tattoo when they are fairly well-known in my area, which is why I haven’t given out a name. Clearly this is upsetting, but I can assure you, I won’t go back, and I’ll make sure the fix is exactly what it was supposed to be!
  2. Yes, as stated before, I’m definitely planning on having it redone by someone else. This was someone recommended to me by multiple people, and the artists is very well-known in the area, which makes it sadder. It was a disappointing experience all around. I got it!
  3. Oh boy, I know. I’m definitely little sad with the turnout, since the artists is pretty well known for his line work. Once it heals I’m definitely getting it redone. I generally have pretty rough luck with life in general, so this is par for the course for me. 😅
  4. My cousin (who is a pharmacist, not a doctor) recommended I use hydrocortisone, I was wary, but it already looks 50% better! Still not sure what the issue is, but the improvement is definitely noticeable! Thanks for all the advice 🙂
  5. Yeah mines the opposite, no hurting, no heat coming off of it, no weeping, not irritating, but pretty red. It’s starting to look yellowish around the side, so I’m wondering if he just had a heavy hand and it’s starting to bruise, looks like a lot of other bruises I’ve had near my ankles, but who knows. I’ll give it a few days of icing and elevation and see what happens I think. If it gets worse in the next day or so, I’ll get it checked!
  6. Lol, it’s a butterfly (flipped on the side). He said as long as it isn’t hurting it should be fine based on the inner ankle location and slow healing process. I’ll watch it for a few days and keep you all posted!
  7. I got this tattoo 5 days ago, and it’s progressively gotten a little redder. It is on my inner ankle and I’m on my feet a bit, but can’t find any other tattoos online like this. Is this normal or infection? Doesn’t hurt, isn’t warm, and doesn’t weep. Thank you!!