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  1. Sorry if I missed this elsewhere but is the first tattoo you’ve gotten? Swimming is a big no, no during healing but I think you’ve thoroughly learned that lesson so I won’t dwell on that lol Also, staying out of the sun is another but I digress. If you have antibiotics then I’m assuming you’ve seen a physician as they’re not OTC unless you’re in another country I’m unaware of. You also may also contact the artist but I would bet they’ll say call your doctor so at this point all you can do is take your meds which depending on type may take some time to work. Keep an eye out for infection, follow the advice given, and seek emergency care if you run a really fever especially. If you choose to get another tattoo make sure you follow the advice. It’s there for a reason ya know? They want the work to turn out well and for their clients to be safe. If you truly believe you have some muscle or bone infection that’s another one for the doc but the tattoo in the pics doesn’t seem look red, ozzy, or anything but a try tattoo which is a normal part of healing. I know this is late but I hope things are much better a week or so out and you’re arm is feeling back to normal! Would love an update if you like sharing
  2. It was probably the most annoying, itchy and persistent rash I have ever had. I used to have very sensitive skin where anything with fragrance, etc would give me trouble. As I’ve aged though my skin has lost most of that sensitivity. I maybe get a fine rash once or twice a year that cortisone clears up usually within an hour and there isn’t any clear indication of what causes it. Maybe laundry detergent? That used to be my biggest trigger. Spend the night at someone else’s home and spend the next day covered in a rash. I’m actually not allergic to bandaids and have never had any issue with adhesive in the past. However, I will say my forearms are just about the only place I get rashes now. So they’re probably the most sensitive area of my body and that’s where my itchy tattoo is. My artist told me to leave the Saniderm for 5 days but the forearm piece just wasn’t sticking thankfully because I imagine the rash would’ve been way worse after days of contact instead of 12-15 hours. It worked great on my shoulder and that healing process was far easier. Now a couple weeks out both look great and aren’t giving me any issues. I hate that you’re experiencing that rash because it really was awful trying to sleep and being insanely itchy. I will say cutting out the aquaphor in favor of lubriderm & really backing off putting product on it was what helped the most. The rash cleared up in about 4 days. I used cortisone on the rash around the tattoo as per my artist’s advice keeping it off the tattoo itself and only used the lubriderm in the morning and at night. I hope yours clears up fast! *Also: after all of this I would use the Saniderm again but only on certain places. No forearms or inner thigh probably. But back, lower leg, outer/upper arm I’d try again. I also will stick to my hustle butter in the future. I’ve always found healing to be pretty easy until now and that was the only change I made beyond the artist using the Saniderm.*
  3. I could tell it’s a butterfly for what it’s worth. I have a small tattoo on my ankle and it was by far the most painful tattoo I’ve ever gotten and took very little time and has no color. I had some ankle swelling but nothing like this. How is it feeling today? Sorry you’re disappointed. That’s the worst feeling.
  4. Oh for sure. It’s just interesting that I had seemingly a mild allergic reaction to the saniderm on one part of my body but not on another. My forearms tend to be sensitive in general so I don’t think I’ll use Saniderm on that area again or my thighs for that matter. Worked great for the back of my shoulder where he was going over/ fixing a badly done tattoo I got last year. That area being contained while it was seeping so much fluid was great. would've been a mess otherwise.
  5. What’s weird is the reaction is localized to my forearm. My shoulder has no redness, and more importantly no itch and it was wrapped for 4/5 days.
  6. Thank you! It is very, very itchy but I’ve discontinued the aquaphor and slept most of the day. Finally feeling a bit better. Still itchy but definitely not as bad. That Benadryl knocked me out thankfully 😅
  7. Hello! I’ve found this site helpful with information but I’m having a new healing situation. Saturday night (Aug 31st) I got a new tattoo on my forearm and had a small tattoo on my upper back heavily touched up/fixed. The artist covered both with Saniderm and told me to leave it for 5 days. The saniderm was a new one for me and didn’t work at all for my forearm. It was leaking fairly quickly and I tried to just leave it alone but eventually the Saniderm just kind of fell off the next day. I was told I could try to rebandage it and I did but it just wouldn’t stick. I’ve been using aquaphor on it. My back tattoo was washed and recovered with Tegaderm because it was about to pop with fluid. Other than that my back has been no issue. Normal healing and the wet healing seemed to advance healing. I just removed that bandage even though I haven’t had any issues back there because I developed a fine, light square shaped rash around the arm tattoo . It seemed fairly obvious to me that it was the bandage, right? But I haven’t had any bandage on this tattoo in 2 days. I read online it could be from over doing the aquaphor so I just washed it and will get some lubriderm tomorrow. I normally use hustle butter on healing tattoos and I’ve never had any reaction. So maybe this is just my sensitive skin telling me it doesn’t like aquaphor. I guess I’m just looking for any insight or experiences similar to mine. The tattoo is already in the peeling stage and itself doesn’t itch anymore than usual, no pain. It’s the area around that’s driving me mad at 3:45 am. I will say that while desperately writing this the itching has subsided some since I washed it. So maybe the aquaphor and my forearm just don’t mix? Could it have been me attempting to rebandage it with the Tegaderm and that coming off so quickly? Ultimately, bandaging seemed to work great for the small tattoo on my back and worked horribly for the far more mobile forearm. I took a Benadryl because the itching has been very annoying trying to sleep. I’ve also felt a little more itchy all over than normal. The rash itself doesn’t look especially bad and actually seems to be improving it’s just very annoying. Sorry for the long rambling post but just wondering if anyone else has ever gotten a literal box shaped, fine, rash a day or 2 after a saniderm/Tegaderm bandage last touched it? Or even from aquaphor? Thanks if you made it this far and for any advice!