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    I recently had a half sleeve done. It is my first large tattoo. The regret, and panic I feel after getting this tattoo has been crushing to me. I am not an emotional person so this is strange behavior for me. Is this normal? Not normal? I am trying to reason with myself to find something about the tattoo that I love and I can't. I feel like I am talking myself further down the rabbit hole and almost into a depression over it all.
  2. I am going through similar situation with my recent tattoo. So, so black. wasn't prepared for that. Would love to see a reference photo
  3. I was able to sit for 2, 10 hour sessions back to back. Took the advice of a friend: bring a pillow, blanket, snacks, carbs, iPad w/ movies/distraction and chargers 🙂 Also took Motrin . Wasn't too awful
  4. I have been reading about this lately as well. Specially if larger pieces are being laser treated 1 session + its affects on the body. Hopefully lymph systems up to speed and working as they should
  5. Every time I have heard of laser here from somebody (in US) they have always gotten bad blisters. Im shocked this isn't "normal".
  6. A friend of a friend got "Boner Garage" tattoo'd on her from that movie..she thought it was funny. Uh, NO
  7. Heatherr


    First initiation post. New to this forum, have a lot of tattoo questions that I hope I am able to ask on the forum soon. 🙂