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  1. Hey everyone, New to the site and new to Saniderm as well. First time using the saniderm bandage so I had a general question about heal time if anyone would be kind enough to provide some insight on the matter. I got a tattoo about two and a half weeks ago on August 22, and my artist put on the bandage immediately after, instructing me to take it off 3-5 days later which I did on day 4, August 26. Since then I've just been using aveeno to keep the tattoo hydrated. However, the healing process has been different from my usual A&D -> Aveeno process, the shedding process has been very minimal thus far (I hope) and there are still a lot of darker, raised pieces that have yet to flake off (again, I hope.) I say I hope because after finishing I remember the lines being very crisp and straight yet these darker raised parts are mostly on the corners and protrude out, in a point, beyond the straight line underneath. I'm hoping and confident this isn't a case of ink spreading under the skin because normally a blowout from what I've seen will be consistent all over, far spreading, and not nearly as dark/bold. So my question is two fold: 1. Does ink dry on top of the skin underneath the bandage those first few days? 2. How long do you think until the darker raised bits flake off for good. I've attached some pics Thanks!