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  1. Hi, So I am just wondering, but will wearing compression sleeve over my tattoo cause it to fade faster?
  2. Glad to hear that it's normal. And yes, I've been putting aveeno 2 times a day, although do you think at this point it's ok to put sunblock over it, or reveal it to the sun? For the past month I've kept it covered from the sun, but it's been so hot in California and would like to wear t-shirts.
  3. Hey all, I got my tattoo over a month ago and strictly followed the after care instructions, especially since it is my first tattoo. It has these white outline looking things on it, and I am unsure if it is just skin growing, or something else. It's looked like this for about 2 weeks now, raising my concern. I've contacted my artist, but they always take some time to respond to emails...
  4. Hey all, so it's been 4 weeks since I got a tattoo of a single line phrase on my inner forearm(about 6 inches in length). Some of it is looking pretty faded and spotty (parts of some letters look like ink is missing). I understand that tattoos will not look like how they were the first week, and can take months to fully heal, but after 4 weeks, is it normal for my tattoo to be like this, considering it's a tattoo of words? I've been keeping it out of the sun at all costs and strictly followed my artists instructions.
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